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A collaborative initiative

Let’s create strategies and solutions together and “Make it a good day!”

Parent Advocacy
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Programs and

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Parent Consultation

Power UP is helping children with medical conditions to “Make it a good day!” We are improving communication with families, educators and the medical/health communities to create action plans and advocate for children. Whether you need professional advice on an hourly basis, a transition plan from hospital to home, home to school, or ongoing support…we are here to help. Click here to learn more.

Programs & Professional Development

Power UP implements interactive parent education and creative professional development programs that support chronically-ill children in and out of the classroom throughout the DMV. Click here to learn more.

To learn more about our Ask the Expert events click here.

Families, Power Up! an unexpected lifestyle change

Supporting our children
  • Coffee Talks
  • Consultation Services
  • Transition Plans
  • Ongoing Support
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Education, Power Up!an unexpected symptom in the classroom

Partnering with schools
  • Professional Development Programs
  • Tech & Teach Integration
  • Parent Workshops/Panel Discussions
  • Parent Committee/Coffee Talks
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Health, Power Up!an unexpected medicial condition

Collaborating with
health professionals
  • Integration of Care
  • Family Education
  • Health Initiatives
  • Community Resources
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Contact Wendy or Julie to learn more about our services.

Julie Schumacher

Phone: 301-651-6889

Wendy Taylor M.Ed.

Phone: 240-249-8492

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