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About, Power UP!

An Unmet Need

The concerns are endless, yet the response is rarely comprehensive. Where there are many initiatives aimed at tackling the growing concern for children with chronic childhood illnesses (CCI), few are comprehensive in scope. Although the definition and criteria for CCI are debatable, there are initiatives in place to reduce hospitalizations. The AAP is tackling the shortage of pediatric specialists and other medical concerns. Then there is the data that indicates chronic childhood illnesses are linked to anxiety and mental health issues later in life.

However, none of this helps a family that is trying to tackle daily life with a new diagnosis and an entire revamp of their lifestyle. Whether a hospital has become your new home, you are living around the clock to dose meds or are trying to navigate the diagnosis/treatment regimen — life is stressful. Getting your child to school (or transitioning back), creating a routine, and finding the time to manage doctor appointments has become overwhelming and there is just not enough time in the day.

Our Story

We have been there. We get it. We are here to help.

Wendy and Julie both have children that were diagnosed with a medical condition that made family life and daily living different. Their new normal included multiple doctors visits, hospitalizations, school support, and personalized health care.

Together – LE Power UP!

We support families, educators and health professionals in their care for children with chronic medical conditions. We provide Transitional Care Plans, Support Services and Professional Development Programs for families and schools throughout the area.

This collaborative initiative is aimed to make a difference and empower children with medical conditions.

Julie Schumacher

Julie Schumacher Co-Founder of LE Power UP

Julie is the owner of sasse agency. Her past experience as Project Director in the health and wellness fields includes: designing & implementing Recess Initiatives, creating Motor Clinics, developing Special Needs Programming for MCPS, professional development in the education field. Julie’s greatest professional accomplishment was procuring a grant with the DOH for DC residents to receive services in MoCo. Her background includes: accomplishments in the pharmaceutical industry, implementing medical education (CME) programs, facilitating advisory boards and commitment to non- profits. Julie's professional/personal network and connections to families in the community is the driving force and passion for Power Up.

Julie also serves on the Executive Committee for the Greater Bethesda Chamber of Commerce as VP of Communications.

Wendy Taylor, M. Ed.Co-Founder of LE Power UP

Wendy Taylor is the founder and executive director of Learning Essentials. A certified educator and qualified diagnostician, she is passionate about helping students of all abilities, especially those with learning differences and disabilities, to attain their academic goals. At Learning Essentials, her team takes a customized approach to empowering K-12 students through one-on-one tutoring, interactive brain camps and academic coaching. She is also committed to supporting their families through informative workshops and outreach activities. In 2018, Learning Essentials was recognized as a Top Vote Getter in Bethesda Magazine. Prior to founding Learning Essentials, Wendy served as a faculty member at Saint Petersburg College, a supervisor of pre-service teachers and a Montgomery County Public School teacher. She holds a B.S. in Social Science and Secondary Education from Frostburg State University and a M.Ed. in Special Education from George Mason University.

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