Brain Injury Awareness Month Pt. III: Accommodations for Cognitive Symptoms

Brain Injury Awareness Month Pt. I

The human brain—all three pounds of it, on average—is the most complex organ in the body. Every part of the brain is important, as each area has its own unique function. This month’s health observance is meant to bring attention…

Sleep Awareness Week Pt. II

Another important topic regarding sleep involves the extent to which we are aware of how sleep impacts our ability to learn. For students, their number one job is to learn and progress through their education. Teens need to be prepared…

Sleep Awareness Week Pt. I

A lesser-known health observance in mid-March revolves around a “task” that affects everyone: sleeping—also known as my favorite hobby. March 10-16, 2019, is designated to bring awareness to sleep disorders and complications, as well as provide strategies for achieving optimal…

Eating Disorder Awareness Week, Part II

Eating disorders are completely devastating and often wildly misunderstood by the sufferer’s family and friends. Once an eating disorder takes hold, it can become a monstrous parasite that attempts to control every aspect of the person’s life. Those with less…

Eating Disorder Awareness Week, Part I

Unless an illness has impacted your family directly, you are probably unaware that February’s final week serves to bring attention to people who suffer from eating disorders and their often heartbroken family members who suffer from the sidelines. The stereotype…

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