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Children’s Mental Health Awareness Pt. II

Previously, we discussed the various early warnings signs of a possible mental illness in children and teens. In part two, we now shift our focus to contributing factors and discuss how families can implement small strategies that promote positive mental…

Children’s Mental Health Awareness: Warning Signs

According to statistics, 1 out of every 5 children will confront some form of mental, emotional, or behavioral health obstacle before they reach legal adulthood at age 18. This staggering number can be jarring for parents and professionals whose job…

Tips for Overnight Activities

For families of children with serious medical conditions, any overnight activity, from sleepovers to field trips to sleepaway camps can leave parents and children wondering about how to manage these specific medical needs. While there are no hard and fast…

What are some ways to help students communicate their needs to teachers?

Self-advocacy is a necessary skill for learners as they get older and progress on their educational path. However, speaking up and voicing one’s needs is not always easy, especially for younger or more timid students. Furthermore, teachers being an authority…

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