Twitter Chat- Continuum of Care & Self-Advocacy for Students

Twitter Chat- Continuum of Care & Self-Advocacy for Students


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Continuum of Care & Self-Advocacy for Students with Disabilities & Health Conditions through the Education Cycle

Families that have students with disabilities and health conditions have different needs, roles and responsibilities. As students transition through the education cycle there is a lot of considerations from identifying a disability, to creating an IEP/504 and advocating for accommodations.

Join in the conversation and discussion as we tackle the continuum of care and self-advocacy for students with disabilities and health conditions. Let’s support students taking on a larger role and learning to self-advocate as they transition through their K- post-secondary education. What are the questions that families should be asked to promote a smoother transition through this cycle? How can students begin to foster self-advocacy skills early on to promote independence? How can parents and teachers support students and encourage students to play the main role in self-advocacy?

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If you are a school counselor, allied health professional, parent, student and/or advocate, please join our discussion.

How to Participate:

Follow @AcssCollege  and @LEPPowerUp1.  When it’s time for the chat, search #SelfAdvocacy4u tag on Twitter for the series of live tweets under the ‘Latest’ tab for the full conversation.

If you might be overwhelmed by the number of tweets and only want to see the chat’s questions so you can respond to them, check @AcssCollege’s account. The questions will be Tweeted 5-6 minutes apart.

Another way to participate in the chat is to use this app that allows you to pause the chat if the Tweets are coming at you too quickly:

Here’s an article about how to participate in a Twitter chat:

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