Family, Power UP!

We Want to Help You “Make It a Good Day.”

At L.E. Power UP, we are launching a new initiative in partnership with Learning Essentials (LE). We take an individualized approach to empowering families with chronic medical needs.

Our mission is to be a liaison for families, educators and medical professionals and provide transitional services to support children living with chronic illness. Through collaboration, education, technology and a mix of patience and passion, we strive to “Make it a good day!” for these children and the people who care for them.

Consultation Services

We understand how challenging it is to find balance amid classes and commitments (or school absences), medical appointments, therapy sessions, and just daily living. Despite everything going on, returning to routine may seem unattainable—but with some planning, we can help.

  • Facilitate communication for medical recommendation
  • Translate customized solutions to the classroom
  • Empower change one “good day” at a time

Action Plans

In team fashion, and based on your family’s needs, we take the time to ensure that the appropriate medical providers, educational team/resources and family support are in place for your child. Whether transitioning from home to school, from hospital to school, or school to school, we develop a strategic action plan that addresses these changes and sets your child up for success.

Ongoing Support

We are here when you need us. We have the Power UP stamina to provide for your family.


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