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Join our initiative. Power UP is creating programs to raise awareness, facilitate conversation and inspire change.

Our Ask the Expert series is an opportunity for experts in the field to share knowledge, provide updates and answer questions.

Power UP’s “team-based” approach leverages care networks, including medical, educational and home support systems, to “Make it a good day!” Power UP works together with parents, students, healthcare providers, and the community to provide safe and supportive environments for children.

Heather Davies M.D.
Healthy Holidays- Four Tricks to Survive
Giorgio Kulp, M.D.
New Year, New You, Healthy Kids!
Kristin Emery, P.T. 
Ask the Physical Therapist- Tips for Classrooms
Ask the Mom
Ask the Mom

We connect with health professionals to make a difference for families challenged with medical conditions in the community. If you are interested in joining our Ask The Expert series, please email Julie.

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