Health, Power Up!

Power UP is breaking down the traditional boundaries between pediatric care, hospitals and community services vital to supporting the evolving needs of chronically-ill children as they transition back into home and school life.

Power UP’s “team-based” approach leverages care networks, including medical, educational and home support systems, to “Make it a good day!” Power UP works together with parents, students, healthcare providers, and the community to provide a safe and supportive educational environment for students.

Integration of Care

Learn more about our collaborative initiative for home, school and medical communities to come together to best serve chronically-ill children. We help to connect these important support networks and facilitate communication and action.

Family Education

Our interactive workshops ease the stress of parents and ensure children with chronic medical conditions have what they need to be successful.

Health Initiatives

We connect with health professionals to make a difference for families challenged with medical conditions in the community.

Community Resources

We stay in the know so that we can help parents access the resources they need for their child’s medical journey. From health initiatives to educational opportunities to best practices at home, we can help!

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